SELENZA LAGUNA DEL SAUCE commits fully to respect the environment. Its design has taken special care to leave the area’s ecosystem untouched.

But in addition to caring for the surroundings, the landscape programme also includes restorating and upkeep of the interior smaller lagoons and the conservation of the wooded areas around la laguna and part of the eco trail. This green trail runs through the whole project, boasting rest areas and nature viewing points. Dozens of paths and trails wind through the area enabling you to enjoy pleasant walks, bike rides, horse trekking, etc.

Our commitment is not limited to the creation of protected green communal areas, but also many areas within the grounds of the country homes are of compulsory preservation by the owner. SELENZA LAGUNA DEL SAUCE means enjoying this natural paradise. Respecting the guidelines and the environmental care which has been established represents our commitment with nature and the environment.